“Design starts with a idea and ends up being whatever you want it to be”

This statement runs true of all the work we do. From its initial idea to the finished product we work with you to attain precisely what you want.

Using a selection of metal materials such as iron, cast iron, steel and stainless steel the design can be from some simple railings up to the most elaborate decorative driveway gates, our designer has more than 14 years experience of creating individual designs for clients.

Starting from an idea, a rough concept or a photo, and using a selection of over 1200 items in our catalogues we can confidently say that we can attain the result you require.

Whatever you want, we can likely achieve it for you, be it a beautiful master bed head, some grand security doors, a decorative garden pergola, personalized double entrance gates, some simple window bars (rejas) for your new property or just an utterly unique item for your home.

Whether you are driven by budget, size specifications or style, contact us today and we can discuss how Gates & Grills can meet your needs.