Made from iron, cast iron and steel all our driveway gates are bespoke hand made to order to suit individual customer requirements, sizes and designs. The gates can then be either powder coated, zinc coated or hot galvanised dipped.

Hinged Gates
The hinge posts will be concreted into the ground and into the pillars to carry the weight of each gate. Alternatively the posts can be concreted in place and block or stone pillars can be built around the posts so just the gates are on show. Land should be level or falling away from the underside of the gates throughout gate(s) swing.

Sliding Gates
Sliding gates are mounted onto galvanised round top floor rails for smooth action and no rusting problems.  Ground levels are a major factor in the system’s design and reliability and for the optimum results the ground should be level. If on a hill, land can be cut into or supports can be built up to make sure the level running of the gate.

We can carry out all necessary building work for pillars, groundwork and electrical work for motors if required.

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