Here at Gates & Grills we pride ourselves on our fabrication.

Using quality iron, steel and stainless steel.

Time and effort is spent on getting all the preparation exactly right.

We measure, re-measure, check and re-check.

All the parts are assembled as a mock up with the measurements in place and care is taken to ensure that all design work is balanced out and match's the design specification.

Depending on the job and the materials involved the correct type of welds are made.

We can fabricate in iron, cast iron, steel, galvanised steel, steel sheet material and stainless steel. Every job is fully checked over before going to finishing.

All fabrication work is covered by our unique 2-year guarantee.
(Products fabricated by our collaboration companies are guaranteed for up to 12 months by the fabricating company, not Gates & Grills)

Contact us now to see what we can make for you.