Made from iron, cast iron and steel all our railings are bespoke hand made to order to suit individual customer requirements, sizes and designs.

Railings can be made as straight, bellied, bespoke shaped, internal fix between pillars or external fix versions.

They can be made for balconies, perimeters, around pool areas, for nayas, terraces and steps.

The railings are either cemented or bolted into the existing walls or frames using anti-theft security bolts. We can also make them removable if required.

The railings can then be either powder coated, galvanised dipped or zinc coated.  We can carry out all necessary building work for walls, pillars, steps and groundwork if required.

Protect your children - Safety fencing for swimming pools
We also supply and install climb proof, removable safety mesh fencing for swimming pools surrounds, please enquire for further details.

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